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Ok so you have decided to build a retaining wall in your Brisbane backyard. Great Idea as they can add so much to your property. But before you go ahead with build your new wall there are a few things we should look at before you begin.

Questions like. Are you going to need to get council approval? What types of retaining wall are you looking to build? What’s your budget? These are all important question you must address before anything happens. Also what’s the plan

Ok let’s look at the first question. Do you need council approval. Ok, so how big is the wall going to be. Generally id the wall is over a metre high yes you will need approval for your retaining wall. So that’s pretty straight forward. It’s a yes or no question. If yes well that’s going to take a little more time as you will need to submit a proposal to the council for your project. If it’s a larger wall by law you will need to have a structure engineer on hand.

Ok what type of retaining wall will be the best option for me.

Well. when it comes to the types of retaining wall you have 4 options to look at. These are a variety of these options but for this article we will look at the main 4. And they are. Timber, concrete, stone and brick or block.

Each of these materials have their good and bad points but all in all they all make great walls.

Ok, let's look at an example. If your looking to build a longer wall then the material you use will come into play. Stone retaining walls take a little more finesse as opposed to a molded concrete wall. So labour cost will come into play as the stone will take longer. Smaller features walls comes down to the style your looking at and of course budget plays a major role. All in all when you have decided to take the next step. I’d recommend getting in a qualified brisbane retaining wall builder to give you a quote on the job. This will give you a much better understanding of what’ needed to get the job done.

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